Corporate culture is too sensitive and complex a subject to improvise, call a specialist.

Who are we?

  • We are a collective of independent experts founded in 2012, federated by B-Harmonist and helping companies to shape their culture and solve their challenges in a coherent way. We are present in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille and operate throughout France and abroad.
  • We come from the corporate world and have held executive or management positions in organizations of various sizes and in different sectors. Our multifaceted expertise - HR, IT, finance, communication, marketing, etc. - is a key factor in our success.
  • We share a common approach that allows us to work together alongside companies, helping their culture emerge and come alive, making it a powerful and inspiring driving force and enabling them to develop harmoniously.

Harmonist, is it a new profession?

It's not marketing. Harmonist is really a new profession


The Harmonist is your "sparring partner". He has:

  • a holistic approach that takes into account the whole company: HR, organization, business, leadership, finance, etc.
  • an expertise in corporate culture and alignment
  • an operational and pragmatic approach enriched by a wide range of expertise
  • the reflex to adapt to the corporate culture of each client for solutions that are 100% you
  • the ability to alternate postures as consultant, coach, facilitator or trainer


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What type of support do you want?

Do you want a different kind of accompaniment from classical advice and coaching? 

Do you want a "sparring-partner" with the touch of a coach AND an operational, business and financial approach?

You prefer to interact concretely on your issues rather than having slides? 

Then the Harmonists are made for you!

Become an Harmonist

Does what you have read "resonate"?

You are a former executive or manager,

trained in coaching, wishing to remain free but in search of a collective

sharing your convictions and values?

Then we will be happy to meet you.

Let's act together for a more harmonious world!

Keep it simple and call us : +33 6 15 91 32 90 (Patrick)


Or make an appointment directly on our agenda


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Corporate culture in action
Corporate culture in action

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