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Why the name B-Harmonist?

"B-Harmonist" is pronounced "Be-Harmonist" and means "let's all be Harmonists"


It also initially meant "Business Harmonist", because harmony is not to be in a dream world, it is to put the human and the culture at the heart of the performance!

What is corporate harmony?

Corporate harmony means being coherent and agile around a powerful corporate culture. This concept was founded in 2012 by Patrick Vignaud and Hélène de Saint Front.


What is an Harmonist ?

An Harmonist helps organizations to shape their culture and to apply it concretely both internally and externally, to gain coherence. He also coaches leaders and teams.


Harmonists are characterized by their expertise on corporate culture, their 360° vision, their adaptation to the culture of each of their clients and their ability to alternate positions of coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer.


The Harmonistes are a collective of independent experts founded in 2012, led by B-Harmonist and dedicated to culture, corporate coherence and coaching of leaders and organizations.


"Harmoniste" is a registered trademark and a quality label.

To what need do Harmonists answer?

Harmonists support organizations in order to, for example :

  • solve an issue (ex: too many departures)
  • unlock growth
  • scale up
  • clarify the corporate culture
  • coach leaders or teams
  • facilitate the taking up of a new position
  • facilitate a financial transaction
  • avoid a culture shock
  • make a transformation work


We also like to animate your seminars and trainings, with smile and dynamism!

What is the Harmonists' approach?

Each company is unique. What works for one will not necessarily work for the other.


Although they use many methodologies, the Harmonistes do not apply a standardized process, but rather one that is adapted to your realities and needs.


The Harmonistes are there for you:

  • By respecting 100% your culture and your rhythm
  • In small touches, usually a few days a month
  • By relying on your internal resources and by training them in a logic of team empowerment and reasonable budget

Why are coherence and alignment so important to us?

"Visionary business builders look for alignment in strategy, organization, structure, systems... in everything. "says Jim Collins


The company is a complex living system in which all the organs interact permanently.


Addressing a single organ does not ensure the coherence of the whole.


The Harmonists have a global approach (called  "systemic") and apply  the culture both internally and externally, thus promoting alignment.


This convergence createc trust and collaboration, avoids unnecessary tensions, lightens the company and releases its potential for development. All energies are used to move in the same direction.


Alignment is "the optimal state in which strategy, employees, customers and key processes work together to propel the company's growth and profits" says George Labovitz in The Power of Alignment.

How do you become an Harmonist?

The integration to the collective is animated by Patrick Vignaud, representing B-Harmonist, who relies on the opinion of the Harmonists following co-optation meetings.


Several days of integration allow to acculturate, to share the knowledge gathered and to get acquainted with the tools and the way of functioning of the collective.


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Corporate culture in action

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