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1. Evaluate your corporate culture

Why don't you start by taking stock of your corporate culture? What is its clarity, its strength, its degree of use? To what extent is it lived as a reality? Are there any major inconsistencies that need to be corrected as a priority?

This can take the form of a simple survey of your teams, a day of taking stock of the Comex, a diagnosis or a more in-depth audit.

It can also involve comparing corporate cultures, for example in the context of an acquisition. 

Or to make a diagnosis of the company's ability to develop.

Measure your corporate culture

Provides an objective view of the existing corporate culture through a survey:

  • What is its clarity, its strength, its degree of use?
  • To what extent is it experienced as a reality?
  • Are there differences in perception?

Seminar with Comex to take stock

of its corporate culture and resilience

  • Make a review of the company's fundamentals
  • Conduct a first reflection on the corporate culture
  • Learn from the Covid crisis
  • Raise awareness or bring Comex together on key issues

Carry out a diagnosis

or an audit of corporate culture

  • Understand the company's culture
  • Prepare to take on new functions
  • Align strategy and culture
  •  Avoid a culture shock during an acquisition
  • Identify the obstacles to performance or transformation

Compare corporate cultures

  • Take into account cultural aspects during a financial operation
  • Reduce the risk of culture shock
  • Give yourself more chances to succeed in an acquisition or a merger
  • Prepare and succeed an operational integration
  • Avoid a brain drain

Conduct a self-assessment by the Comex

of the Company's ability to grow

  • Take stock of the degree of organization of the entire company
  • Strengthen the convergence of the Comex / Codir members
  • Collectively highlight the priority actions
  • Raise awareness on the importance of corporate culture as a performance lever

2. Define your corporate culture

Corporate culture is the rules of the game!

Each of its components must be defined: values, purpose, vision, ambition, value proposition, organizational principles, corporate personality...by creating a global "culture map" or by identifying the missing components (below).

Then it is necessary to materialize them in an explicit way with a manifesto, a culture book, rituals, symbols, etc...

Finally, it is also a good idea to think about the management of corporate culture: Who is working on it? How is this done? Who decides? When and how to make it evolve? For example, with a Chief Cultural Officer and a culture team.

Define how to manage the corporate culture

and define its governance

  • Define who is the decision-maker on corporate culture aspects?
  •  Who works on it and according to what process?
  •  What means are needed?
  •  How to ensure exemplarity and feedback?
  • How to make the corporate culture evolve in the future?

Define or revisit the corporate values

  • Understand what values are really used for
  • Reveal or revisit the company's values
  • Express them in an authentic and impactful way
  • Translate them in an operational way
  • Make it a daily reference

Spell your company's raison d'être purpose out

  • Define an energizing higher purpose
  • Decline the higher purpose in concrete terms
  • Take all teams on board
  • Have a impactful communication
  • Respond to the employees and consumers' need for meaning

Translate the Corporate Vision into actions

  • Clarify the company's vision for everyone
  • Reinforce its inspiring character
  • Set the right level of ambition
  • Have clear strategic axes and translate them into operational objectives
  • Take all teams on board around the business project

Clarify the business fundamentals

and identify the "Product Market Fit"

  • Have a clear and attractive offer and value proposition
  • Prioritize the promising market segments
  • Have a strong sales pitch for each market segment
  • Have a profitable business model
  • Clarify your differentiation

Clarify organization principles, rituals,

decision making, KPIs

  • Strengthen your organization to be able to scale up
  • Rethink the rituals
  • Have relevant KPIs
  • Clarify the decision-making process
  • Avoid having silos and strengthen collaboration

Identify the dominant behaviors in the company

  • How are interactions in the company?
  • What is the management style? How does information circulate?
  • What is the general attitude towards change?
  • What are the core beliefs and convictions?
  • What is the relationship to money? humor? emotions?...

Communicate and enhance your corporate culture

  • Materialize and explain the culture in a clear and attractive way
  • Identify the right media and tactics for the culture' s communication
  • Have an authentic and embodied communication
  • Organize a launch event

3. Develop your company in coherence

The Harmonists provide executive, organizational or team coaching to facilitate stepping back, making decisions, taking on new functions or setting in motion.

They help you face your major challenges, such as those related to employee career paths, customer attractiveness, organizational growth, successful transformations and financial operations, international tentions, etc. 

By taking corporate culture as a guide, these issues will be more easily resolved.

Improve your leadership

through an executive coaching

  • As a leader, take a step back with a good sparring partner
  • Get the teams on board at a higher level
  • Delegate more and better
  • Succeed in new functions
  • Not to feel alone anymore

Attract, recruit and motivate talent

  • Recruit more easily
  • Reinforce the employer brand and the attractiveness
  • Strengthen engagement
  • Reduce turnover
  • Keep teams motivated in times of crisis

Improve management practices

and change management style

  • Improve your management skills
  • Know how to manage in a remote work context
  • Define the company's leadership model
  • Strengthen engagement, collaboration and retention
  • Reduce intergenerational tensions

Communicate and sell with differentiation

  • Reinforce the customer attractiveness and the differentiation
  • Have teams make a good presentation of the company
  • Sign more easily
  • Boost customer experience

Be able to scale

  • Structure growth
  • Recruite the right talent
  • Avoid tension
  • Combine trust and high standards
  • Develop the company while preserving what has made its success

Succeed in a transformation

  • Engage the teams in a transformation
  • Make the company more agile and/or more digital
  • Evolve the management style
  • Carry out a reorganization
  • Shape the right culture to carry out the strategy

Manage culture differences

or avoid culture shock

  • Manage cultural differences between countries or entities
  • Reduce tensions 
  • Increase collaboration
  • Launch a common dynamic
  • Create more synergies

Succeed in a financial operation

by taking into account the company's culture

  • Make a successful acquisition and avoid a culture shock
  • Sell your business in conditions of trust
  • Find the right investor
  • Create a relationship of trust between management and shareholder
  • Succeed in the operational integration and avoid a brain drain

4. Lead a seminar or train your teams

We like to lead seminars around themes related to corporate culture, which are a source of cohesion and generate great team dynamics.

To ensure that the corporate culture is well anchored, teams need to be trained to use it as a reference point on a daily basis, and managers need to be trained to set up a clear framework and to manage through meaning and values.

We are also often asked to provide training in soft skills and responsible finance.


Organize and run an energizing and unifying seminar

  • Organize a fun and inspiring seminar
  • Animate an efficient collaborative dynamic
  • Create a moment of cohesion and sharing

Learn to define and decline the corporate culture: values, higher purpose, vision...

  • Acquire know-how on corporate culture
  • Know how to define its components
  • Learn how to use the corporate culture in a concrete way
  • Train a Chief Cultural Officer, a Culture team or internal Harmonists

Learn to manage by combining trust

and high performance

  • Change the management style
  • Develop managerial skills
  • Strengthen the ability to engage, empower and create team spirit
  • Boost manager engagement

Improve the self-knowledge, the behavioral

and relational intelligence

  • Develop listening, empathy and collaboration
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Teach teams to manage tensions
  • Make teams more autonomous and agile

Learn how to take advantage of the corporate culture

to succeed in a financial operation

  • Increase your ability to succeed in financial operations
  • Know how to avoid culture shocks
  • Anticipate the causes of failure
  • Learn how to manage integrations

Who are our services for?

Our services are aimed at all organizations that wish to develop in a harmonious and coherent way.

Whether you are a SME, start-up, large group or association, and whatever your sector of activity, if you wish to differentiate yourself,

to radiate, to attract, to develop while keeping your soul, then let's meet.


Knowing who you are is an essential and a prerequisite to be able to move forward and grow. Then the rule is coherence from beginning to end, otherwise it can't work.

says Laetitia Bonnefoy (HR Director of Leboncoin)


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Corporate culture in action

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