Develop your company in coherence around a powerful corporate culture

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The Harmonists help you put your culture into action:

  • reveal a powerful and differentiating corporate culture
  • develop and align your organization around this compass of coherence
  • generate attraction and loyalty among talents and customers
  • manage multiculturalism

To do this, there are three steps:

1. Built a powerful corporate culture

You are unique. Your culture must reflect this. With simple words shared by all in-house: values, purpose, vision, value proposition, organizational principles...


Our accompaniment allows you to reveal your culture, to help you to put words on it collectively. Company seminars can be a great opportunity to do this and thus reinforce cohesion and pride of belonging.


We also recommend that you formalize your corporate culture, for example through a culture book or an intranet, to make it tangible and federate the teams around clear fundamentals.

Define or revisit the corporate values

  • Understand what values are really used for
  • Reveal or revisit the company's values
  • Express them in an authentic and impactful way
  • Translate them in an operational way
  • Make it a daily reference

Spell your company's purpose out

  • Define an energizing higher purpose
  • Decline the higher purpose in concrete terms
  • Take all teams on board
  • Have a impactful communication
  • Respond to the employees and consumers' need for meaning

Translate the Corporate Vision

into actions

  • Clarify the company's vision for everyone
  • Reinforce its inspiring character
  • Set the right level of ambition
  • Have clear strategic axes and translate them into operational objectives
  • Take all teams on board around the business project

Clarify the business fundamentals

and identify the "Product Market Fit"

  • Have a clear and attractive offer and value proposition
  • Prioritize the promising market segments
  • Have a strong sales pitch for each market segment
  • Have a profitable business model
  • Clarify your differentiation

Clarify organization principles, rituals,

decision making, KPIs

  • Strengthen your organization to be able to scale up
  • Rethink the rituals
  • Have relevant KPIs
  • Clarify the decision-making process
  • Avoid having silos and strengthen collaboration

Formalize and communicate the corporate culture

  • Materialize and explain the culture in a clear and attractive way
  • Give it an emotional and inspiring scope
  • Create a culture book or a culture section in the intranet
  • Have an authentic and embodied communication
  • Organize a launch event

Organize and run an energizing

and unifying seminar

  • Create a fun and inspiring seminar
  • Have a team building seminar that meets your needs and that is 100% you
  • Animate the seminar by implementing a collaborative dynamic
  • Take advantage of the seminar to reinforce your corporate culture
  • Create a moment of team building, cohesion and sharing

Learn to make the corporate culture an asset

  • Acquire know-how on corporate culture
  • Know how to define its components: purpose, values, vision...
  • Learn how to use corporate culture in a concrete way
  • Train a "Chief Cultural Officer", a Culture Team or internal Harmonists

2. Strengthen the consistency and performance

It is necessary to define the corporate culture in detail and to put it into action as widely as possible, so that everyone becomes an ambassador and lives it at his or her own level.


Our accompaniment allows you to launch a large internal dynamic to implement the culture in all processes, in particular in the customer and employee pathways...


The culture then becomes a formidable asset to develop in a fluid way ("scaling") and to keep the teams committed.

Diffuse and manage the corporate culture:
chief cultural officer, culture team, etc.

  • Define: who is the decision-maker on the culture aspects?
  • Who works on it and according to which process?
  • What resources are needed?
  • How can we ensure exemplarity and feedback?
  • How to make the company culture evolve in the future?

Improve sales performance and customer service

  • Strengthen customer attractiveness and differentiation
  • Have teams that know how to better present the company
  • Sign more easily
  • Boost the quality of the customer experience
  • Increase customer loyalty and prescription

Attract, recruit and motivate talent

  • Recruit more easily
  • Reinforce the employer brand and the attractiveness
  • Strengthen engagement
  • Reduce turnover
  • Keep teams motivated in times of crisis

Improve your leadership through coaching

of a leader or manager

  • As a leader, taking a step back with a "sparring partner"
  • Doing things differently
  • Get your teams on board even better
  • Delegate more to save time
  • Succeed in new functions
  • No longer feel alone

Improve management practices

and evolve management style

  • Improve management skills
  • Develop exemplarity
  • Knowing how to manage during a period of remote work
  • Develop a management charter
  • Strengthen commitment, collaboration and loyalty
  • Reduce intergenerational tensions

Successful transition to hypergrowth

  • Structure the organization without losing the original soul
  • Attracting and recruiting the right talent to facilitate scalability
  • Avoid tensions between old and new employees
  • Make teams converge and collaborate efficiently
  • Be ready for fundraising and external growth

Become a mission or BCorp company

  • Becoming a mission-driven or a BCorp company
  • Define a relevant and inspiring purpose in connection with all stakeholders
  • Set up the appropriate governance
  • Implement the purpose in the operational team
  • Get the teams on board and communicate

Implemente concretely the Corporate Social

Responsibility within the company

  • Engage teams in CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • Implementing CSR in the operational world
  • See how the CSR strategy can serve the business
  • Have an Impact strategy that is truly implemented
  • Make the link between CSR, purpose and corporate culture

3. Manage multiculturalism and avoid culture clashes

Major changes such as financial operations, transformation or handovers can generate culture clashes, with the risk of employee and customer departures and value destruction.


Our accompaniment allows you to find the right solutions to avoid them and preserve alignment.

Carry out a diagnosis

or an audit of corporate culture

  • Understand the company's culture
  • Prepare to take on new functions
  • Align strategy and culture
  • Avoid a culture shock during an acquisition
  • Identify the obstacles to performance or transformation

Succeed in a transformation

and change management

  • Engage teams in a transformation
  • Change the corporate culture
  • Make the company more agile or more digital
  • Align the corporate culture and strategy
  • Lead a reorganization

Make the right decisions

during a financial transaction

  • Avoid a culture shock during an acquisition
  • Hand over your company in conditions of trust
  • Prepare a fund raising and find the right investors
  • Create a relationship of trust between management and shareholders
  • Succeed in the operational integration and avoid a brain drain

Manage cultural differences

or avoid a culture clash

  • Manage cultural differences between countries or entities
  • Reduce intercultural tensions and the risk of culture clashes
  • Increase collaboration
  • Create a common dynamic
  • Create more synergies

Succeed in your new position

as a leader or manager

  • Define a clear and inspiring project and framework
  • Engage teams and build team spirit
  • Generate commitment and performance
  • Have a 360° view
  • Obtain first results quickly

Who are our services for?

Our services are aimed at all organizations that wish to develop in a harmonious and coherent way.

Whether you are a SME, start-up, large group or association, and whatever your sector of activity, if you wish to differentiate yourself,

to radiate, to attract, to develop while keeping your soul, then let's meet.


Knowing who you are is an essential and a prerequisite to be able to move forward and grow. Then the rule is coherence from beginning to end, otherwise it can't work.

says Laetitia Bonnefoy (HR Director of Leboncoin)


What do you think about this?

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Corporate culture in action

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