A passion for harmonious development

Corporate Culture in Action

If you want to build a boat, don't gather your men and women together to give them orders, to explain every detail, to tell them where to find things...

If you want to build a boat, make your men and women feel the desire

for the sea in their hearts.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our Why

→ Enabling the harmonious development of organisations.


We want to contribute to a world where :

  • leaders set a clear framework and ensure exemplarity and consistency,
  • everyone can find an organisation that "resonates" with them and flourish,
  • companies are committed to responsible performance and positive impact, respecting all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Due to a profound change in mentality, talents (and customers) are attracted to harmonious companies, which generates for the others increasing difficulties in recruitment, motivation and retention.

This is an opportunity for us to raise awareness that alignment around culture is the foundation for sustainable and responsible performance.

Our job

The Harmonists accompany you develop your organisation harmoniously, in total coherence around a clear and inspiring corporate culture. They enable you to:


  • Put your corporate culture (values, purpose, etc.) into words, value and action
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Coach or align management
  • Define a CSR strategy that makes sense
  • Make your financial operations successful
  • Implement all this operationally (communication plan, project team management, anchoring the culture, etc.)


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Our corporate values

Agile efficiency: being practitioners, we are demanding on the concrete and sustainable result. We prefer operational implementation to slides and reports. We co-construct with you our accompaniment along the way. Adapting to the culture, the stakes and the evolution of each client is a reflex.


Positive energy: we are resolutely turned towards the positive and like to generate constructive dynamics and smiles.


Trust in the collective: The strength and intelligence of the collective and the richness of the interaction are obvious to us.

Our value proposition

  • Enable you to federate and develop in a healthy way, around solid foundations.


  • Strengthen your differentiation and attractiveness to all stakeholders as well as the autonomy, pride of belonging and loyalty of your teams


  • Give power and uniqueness to your employer brand and allow you to have a logic of meaning, authenticity and not seduction

Close your eyes and imagine that 100% of your energies are used in the same direction...


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Our ambition

We would be happy to be a reference when a company plans to work on its corporate culture, its alignment and wants to take a step forward...throughout France and progressively in other countries.


In the meantime, our ambition is to help YOU become a success story!

Our objectives

1/ To support the success of coherent and authentic companies and thus contribute to inspiring success stories,


2/ To develop a sense of purpose and motivation at work and thus increase employee commitment and loyalty,


3/ To disseminate our practices and our knowledge in order to raise awareness of the harmonious development of companies,


4/ To encourage responsible and systemic performance of companies so that they fully assume their higher purpose, their societal role and their impact on stakeholders.


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Our organization

B-Harmonist gathers and animates independents with a great richness of experience, who have chosen to be Harmonist and to share within a collective.

We have in common the same philosophy of accompaniment and above all the same corporate culture, which is stronger than any contract!


We operate transparently and in a collaborative mode, applying our approach to ourselves.

There is no hierarchical relationship between us but a convergence of projects and interests.


In short, we are driven by the same passion while cherishing our freedom.

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And you, are your corporate culture  clearly explained and known by all the teams?

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Corporate culture in action
Corporate culture in action

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