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Harmonists coach companies to develop in coherence around a powerful corporate culture



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If you want to build a boat,

make the desire for the sea come alive

in the hearts of your men and women.

To be successful over time, companies need to be consistent.


Corporate culture is the framework, the compass that enables this alignment.


The role of leaders is that it is embodied operationally by everyone.


Imagine that 100% of energies are used in the same direction...

Wouldn't that be a dream? The Harmonists coach you to get there!

Harmony, corporate culture... what is it concretely?

Harmony means being coherent and agile around a powerful and embodied corporate culture. It's about looking at the business holistically,

and having meaning, authenticity, and alignment around a clear business project.


The culture of a company is why and how things are done here. It's what makes your company unique

These are all the fundamentals that allow employees to be aligned and autonomous and other stakeholders to be in resonance.

It is also what binds this group of people together, energizes it, gives it pride of belonging, and gives the team its power.


In concrete terms, the culture includes: values, purpose, vision, ambition, value proposition, organizational principles,

personality of the company... We classify them in:


Which meaning?

What value

Which road?

How to get there?

What would you need an Harmonist for?

You wish to improve your problem-solving capacity

  • Take a step back with a sparring partner
  • Become an inspiring leader or manager
  • Align your executive committee
  • Support managers and teams through change
  • Create a strong dynamic, align the organization, develop coherence

You wish to strengthen 

your corporate culture 

  • Define or revisit one or all of its components: purpose, values...
  • Reinforce its implementation, its concrete use and overall coherence
  • Make your corporate culture more visible
  • Become an impact company (B Corp...)
  • Change behaviors

You need to succeed your scaling

  • Structure your organization to ramp up quickly
  • Attract, recruit and integrate the right employees
  • Strengthen cohesion, collaboration and loyalty
  • Prepare a fundraising or scaling immediately afterwards
  • Give to the key individuals a new dimension

You want to accelerate your business

  • Have a sparring partner to exchange on solutions
  • Reduce your workload
  • Make the executive committee work better
  • Clarify the strategy and differentiate yourself
  • Better organize, delegate, empower
  • Increase revenues and profitability

You wish to secure and succeed

in a financial operation

  • Identify in advance the keys of success and the areas of tension that facilitate closing
  • Establish and maintain trusting relationships
  • Avoid cultural shocks and departures
  • Succeed the integration and operational ramp-up
  • Develop collaboration and create important synergies

You wish to accelerate and succeed

in a transformation

  • Give meaning and a clear framework to the transformation project
  • Embarke and aligne teams, manage change resistance
  • Change the corporate culture to carry out projects and strategy
  • Make the management mode evolve
  • Facilitate the operational implementation of the transformation

You wish to succeed in your new functions

  • Better understand the culture of the company you are joining
  • Think about how to conduct your project
  • Create a strong dynamic of success
  • Generate buy-in and accountability of teams
  • Achieve operational success in reaching your objectives

You wish to organize a seminar

or train your teams

  • Facilitate all or part of an energizing and unifying seminar
  • Help your teams acquire know-how in terms of corporate culture
  • Strengthen and modernize managerial skills
  • Develop soft skills
  • Learn how to take advantage of the corporate culture to succeed in a financial transaction

Why are coherence and corporate culture so important?

Clients and talents favor organizations with meaning and authentic values and avoid those that lack coherence and exemplarity.

(Rightly so, no?)

Companies like Châteauform', Nature & Découvertes, Camif, Voltalia, OVH, LVMH, L'Oréal, Netflix, Patagonia, Salesforce, etc. show the way and prove that an explicit, authentic corporate culture that is used both internally and externally, brings attractiveness, commitment and performance.

Who are the Harmonists?

We are a collective of independent experts federated by B-Harmonist and dedicated to the harmonious development of organizations.


As "sparring-partners", we like to be at your side to put your corporate culture into action, solve your challenges, coach managers and teams and thus contribute to your successful adventure.


Discover the Harmonists

What sets Harmonists apart?








Corporate culture
and coherence

  • We are initially managers of companies, ranging from SMEs to CAC 40, trained in coaching,


  • Addressing the company as a whole: HR, organization, business, leadership, real "sparring-partners",


  • Experts in corporate culture and business alignment since 2012,


  • Having the reflex to always adapt to your culture for solutions that are 100% you,


    • And "Swiss Army knife" : alternating the postures of coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer...always with energy and a smile!


    → Discover the B-Harmonist corporate culture

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    And you, where do you stand on your alignment and corporate culture?


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