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by making your culture THE reference


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If you want to build a boat,

make the desire for the sea come alive

in the hearts of your men and women.

Our conviction

Corporate culture is an under-utilized lever even though it is as vital

as strategy, HR, finance...


Look at successful companies: they often use it as an asset to attract

and retain talent and customers, and to scale.


An example: at a time when recruiting is becoming so difficult,

it is not possible to have a good employer brand without a good culture!

What would you need an Harmonist for?

The Harmonists help your organisation to develop harmoniously by :


  • Putting your corporate culture (values, purpose, etc.) into words, value and action
  • Strengthening your employer brand and therefore the attractiveness and loyalty of talent
  • Coaching or aligning management to turn a corner and scaling
  • Defining a CSR strategy that makes sense
  • Making your financial operations a success (raising, selling, merging, integrating an acquisition)
  • Supporting you in the operational implementation (project team management, communication plan, anchoring the culture...) 


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What sets Harmonists apart?




Corporate culture
and coherence

of expertise


Solutions 100% you

  • Our focus and expertise on corporate culture since 2012


  • Our adaptation to your culture for solutions that are 100% you


  • Our global, concrete and flexible approach, including finance


  • The wealth of operational experience and know-how of the Harmonists


    Discover the B-Harmonist corporate culture


    Discover the Harmonists

    Why are coherence and corporate culture so important?

    Clients and talents favor organizations with meaning and authentic values, such as Patagonia, Salesforce or Netflix,

    and avoid those that lack coherence and exemplarity (and rightly so!). What makes them special?


    They attract customers, talent and investors
    They radiate and scale while keeping their soul
    Teams are autonomous and committed
    They have the spirit of winning teams

    Harmony, corporate culture... what is it concretely?

    Harmony means being coherent and agile around a powerful and embodied corporate culture.


    The culture of a company is why and how things are done here. It's all the fundamentals that allow employees to be aligned, energized and empowered, and other stakeholders to be in resonance. We classify them in:

    Which meaning?
    (raison d'être, vision)

    What value

    Which road?
    (ambition, strategy)

    How to get there?
    (values, organization...)

    What our clients say (and we're quite proud of it!)

    And you, where do you stand on your alignment and corporate culture?


    Let's talk about it!

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    Corporate culture in action

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